AllerXin, is actively working on creating a blockchain-based marketplace for carbon credits. Our goal is to address the growing demand for high-quality, transparent, and traceable carbon credits. Through our user-friendly marketplace, companies, brokers, and individuals will have the opportunity to easily offset their carbon footprint.

In addition to our carbon credit marketplace, we are also engaged in a separate project aimed at supporting informal waste pickers. We accomplish this by selling verified plastic credits and ensuring their payments through a highly secure blockchain payment system.


“Our vision is to create a world where the global community collaboratively achieves carbon neutrality, fostering a harmonious balance between environmental preservation, social progress, and economic prosperity. Through innovative tokenization solutions, we envision a future where carbon credits are seamlessly integrated into everyday life, empowering individuals and organizations to actively contribute to a sustainable and resilient planet.”


“AllerXin leverages tokenization to democratize access to verified, traceable, and transparent carbon credits, driving sustainable change for the benefit of the environment and social wellbeing, Together, we strive towards a future where every action counts.